About Us

SHABANG CRM was created to fill a glaring gap in the real estate industry. Perpetually procuring the next exclusive deal, many real estate agents don’t have time to nurture existing and past client relationships. The result? Missed referrals, lost sales, and stunted growth. That’s where SHABANG comes in. Built on an Infusionsoft platform, this revolutionary system is the only plug and play CRM tailored to busy real estate professionals. SHABANG is the result of thousands of hours of development and testing, resulting in a highly effective, easy-to-use tool for nurturing and capturing leads.

How it

Simply put, SHABANG streamlines customer interactions, by:
1. Encouraging ongoing client connections with personalized, value-added communications
2. Gathering valuable feedback and referrals, and
3. Applying data to create and nurture NEW client relationships.

set up

Unlike other CRM tools that require weeks, even months of costly set up and training, real estate agents can be fully trained to use our solution in less than 2 hours.


Featuring a fully-automated platform designed to manage prospects, clients and transactions more efficiently, SHABANG includes comprehensive tools like:


– Pre-written campaigns
– Pipeline reporting, and
– Tasks and checklists


The results speak
for themselves

Agents on our platform have achieved record-breaking sales–between 600% and 1400%–after just 1 year of use! Simply put, SHABANG makes growing your business easy. So what are you waiting for? Join the thousands of other savvy real estate professionals reaping the benefits of this results-driven system right now. We promise–you can’t afford NOT to use SHABANG